• Question: is there any difficulties you have to deal on a daily bases?

    Asked by area490ugh on 20 Jul 2023.
    • Photo: Bruno Silvester Lopes

      Bruno Silvester Lopes answered on 20 Jul 2023:

      Sometimes when you are working as part of a team, one person can be really pro-active but other can be a little less. So one advice which I give my students (I teach at Uni as well) is you must know to work on your own and as part of a team. Also if anything bothers you do not hesitate to seek help. Other than that do something that you love and are passionate about.

    • Photo: Kip Heath

      Kip Heath answered on 20 Jul 2023:

      At the moment the NHS is very short staffed so most of the departments I work with are quite stretched. It means people are finding it harder to get their work done and so are more stressed. Sometimes I end up sitting with people who are struggling just to let them feel heard.

    • Photo: Mona-Lisa Kwentoh

      Mona-Lisa Kwentoh answered on 21 Jul 2023:

      Trying to deliver good quality care to patients with very stretched resources !

    • Photo: Clare Morrow

      Clare Morrow answered on 24 Jul 2023:

      At the moment the NHS don’t have enough healthcare scientists – so there is a lot of working additional hours.
      Some of my difficulties are to complete the work that i need to and deal with the wider team.