• Question: How do you help people?

    Asked by here490fan on 18 Jul 2023.
    • Photo: Bruno Silvester Lopes

      Bruno Silvester Lopes answered on 18 Jul 2023: last edited 18 Jul 2023 4:53 pm

      By finding solutions/cures for diseases

    • Photo: Caroline Addey

      Caroline Addey answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      In my current role, I am involved in improving patient and public health outcomes and making sure medicines are safe and accessible.

    • Photo: Simon Anderson

      Simon Anderson answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      By providing information to doctors to help look after them

      By making sure their pacemakers work properly.

    • Photo: Sophie Shaw

      Sophie Shaw answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      My department carries out genetic testing which gives people a diagnosis for a disease. This helps us come up with suitable care and treatment plans, and also allows us to test other family members for genetic diseases that might be inherited.

    • Photo: Hannah Scholes

      Hannah Scholes answered on 19 Jul 2023:

      I help by giving doctors all the clues and puzzle pieces they need from people’s blood test results to help them diagnose and treat various diseases. I also give people blood and blood products (platelets and plasma to help them clot) if they need it after a bad accident/trauma or in the operating theatres.

    • Photo: Kip Heath

      Kip Heath answered on 20 Jul 2023:

      I support scientist get to their career goals, which in turn helps the patients they work for.

    • Photo: Mona-Lisa Kwentoh

      Mona-Lisa Kwentoh answered on 21 Jul 2023:

      By trying to explore the difficulties they experience with their mental health , exploring treatments together and prescribing medications to help them get better . Very rewarding seeing patients recover and get on with their lives .

    • Photo: Clare Morrow

      Clare Morrow answered on 24 Jul 2023:

      By providing test results to help the doctors work out what is making you poorly