• Question: Are scientists trying to stop the sun from dying out already?...

    Asked by E.C.J to Barbara, Matt, Ravinder, Sophie, Tristan on 13 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Matthew Moore

      Matthew Moore answered on 13 Mar 2015:

      Nope! Mainly because it’s a way off but also because it would be incredibly difficult! The sun will, one day, run out of hydrogen and become what is called a red giant, it will expand in size as far as earth.

      Don’t worry, that will be billions of years from now! The earth and all its inhabitants will be dead for a long time before, it will really be a very different planet by that point!

    • Photo: Barbara Shih

      Barbara Shih answered on 14 Mar 2015:

      Yeah I agree with what Matt said. Sun is going to die out so far in the future, it’s a much more pressing issue to sort out enviromental problems and wars at this moment.