• Question: have you ever had makeup that had bacteria in it then it decomposes?

    Asked by anon-347394 on 9 Feb 2023.
    • Photo: Katy Bruce

      Katy Bruce answered on 9 Feb 2023:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply, I hope you get this message.

      Funny you should ask that because part of my research involved getting a load of mucky used old testers from Boots to try and simulate “CSI samples” and testing those too. The plan is to put the results from all these old yucky samples into the models I made using the new, clean samples to see how different they are and therefore, how much we need to worry about sample ageing or contamination. So, yes, those samples will undoubtedly have had lots of bacteria in them, and perhaps viruses, fungi, skin cells, hairs, fibres, dust, pollen, etc etc! 😂 And yes, they will have decomposed but the question is how, and how much…