• Question: has the way people evolve changed the world or the way we think of things or how we do every day things?

    Asked by anon-347403 on 9 Feb 2023.
    • Photo: Katy Bruce

      Katy Bruce answered on 9 Feb 2023:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply, I hope you get this message.

      Wow, now that’s a profound, thought-provoking question! I would say absolutely, but perhaps not always for the better. The phrase “survival of the fittest” springs to mind.

      I read somewhere recently that the human spine has actually started to evolve as we’re always looking down at our phones and tablets – they call it tech neck – that’s quite scary isn’t it! I suspect the same thing will happen to our thumbs from constant texting, we might end up with huge muscly thumbs like a spinosaurus! 😂