I’m a Scientist – 1st out is Grant

It’s been a fantastic event so far and the scientists have worked hard, answering hundreds of questions between them. But on Friday there can only be one winner in each zone, so some of them have to go.

We are sorry to have to do this to you, but the first scientist to be evicted is…


Thanks so much for all you’ve done. We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part.

There will be evictions every day for the rest of the week, with the winner announced on Friday. Keep voting students!

Who will walk off with the prize? YOU decide!

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2 Responses to I’m a Scientist – 1st out is Grant

  1. nottinghamfood says:

    Sorry to see you evicted Grant – you did win the best joke though! Your answer about sound proof foods is one of my favourites – it conjured up mental images of teenagers playing loud music surrounded by rice cakes and mice! Great to see a pupil asking you about your favourite graph too.

  2. dom1234 says:

    Sorry to see you go Grant!

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