• Question: Why does a warm climate threaten you?

    Asked by bbrown15 to Pill Millipede on 22 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Pill Millipede

      Pill Millipede answered on 22 Nov 2017:

      A warming or changing climate will affect most species at some point. With pill millipedes a warmer climate, if it was drier, would reduce the number of pill millipedes as they need reasonably moist environments to survive, also a drier climate would potential have an impact on their food source. You could also see within the UK the general range move northwards, however, you do not see pill millipedes beyond Edinburgh, mainly because forests are pine rather than deciduous. However, if the climate is warmer but wetter you could see millipede populations increase, but if there is more flooding you could see populations decline in though areas.