• Question: what was your favourite subject appect from science

    Asked by cdnthe3rd to Dan, Jennifer, Luke, Martin, sakshisharda on 6 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by lottie, 366enqm32, Unicorn.
    • Photo: Jennifer Paxton

      Jennifer Paxton answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      My favourite subject was music! I loved playing instruments at school and would’ve loved to have been a musician…. but I injured myself and couldn’t play very well anymore 🙁

      What’s your favourite subject?

    • Photo: Sakshi Sharda

      Sakshi Sharda answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      I used to love plants and animals, I loved studying about where they lived, what they did, what they ate. They are so fascinating and diverse, some can live in water and some are now found to survive even in space!! I was always interested in how they adapted to different climates, for example, some animals camouflage themselves in such a way that you can’t see them or some plants like pine trees have spiny leaves to reduce loss of water.

    • Photo: Dan Gordon

      Dan Gordon answered on 6 Mar 2018:

      Not surprisingly apart form science my favourite subject was PE. In my work I have been able to combine my love for science and sport together.

    • Photo: Martin Lindley

      Martin Lindley answered on 7 Mar 2018:


    • Photo: Luke Williams

      Luke Williams answered on 7 Mar 2018:

      For me it was Maths. I actually preferred it at primary school, but gradually switched to science as I went through secondary school.