Anatomy Adventurers project resources

“Anatomy is a subject often reserved for those studying medicine or a health-related subject…… but anatomy is so important to everyday life and health. We all have our own bodies so why should we not learn more about our body parts, where they are and what they do?”

These are all the plans and resources you need to carry out the Anatomy Adventurers project from Dr Jennifer Paxton in your school.

The project plans PDF (click to download)

Stage 1 Resources:

Stage 3 Resources:

If you want to check something, contact Jen by email.

After doing the project

When you’ve finished the project please collate all your data using the spreadsheet template below . Then email Jennifer ( so she can collate yours with data from other schools.

Download Data collection spreadsheet

Jennifer will keep you up to date with the combined results so far so you can ‘close the loop’ with your students, and show them what their hard work contributed to.