Didcot coal and gas-fired power station. Image by: Andrew Smith

Energy is one of the biggest challenges the world faces. Every day we take it for granted that plentiful, affordable energy will be available to heat our homes, power our phones, run medical equipment, keep shops stocked, the list is endless. However, our growing demand for energy has been accompanied by the release of damaging levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The UK is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. How can we maintain a supply of affordable, secure energy while dramatically reducing carbon emissions? Is the answer to improve our current technology? Develop new technologies? Manage energy demand? The answer lies in all of these.

The scientists in the Energy Zone are working with the RCUK Energy Programme to tackle the energy challenge, from designing low-power buildings and transport systems to harnessing nuclear fusion so we can make energy in the same way as the sun!