• Question: how many miles away is the milky way away from earth

    Asked by churchillcampbell to Ben, Clare, Ezzy, Mario, Sam on 16 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by biancalouiseward.
    • Photo: Mario Campanelli

      Mario Campanelli answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      we are inside the milky way! it is our galaxy!

    • Photo: Sam Vinko

      Sam Vinko answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      You’re in it.

    • Photo: Ben Smart

      Ben Smart answered on 16 Mar 2012:

      The earth is actually inside the Milky way! The milky way is the galaxy that we live in.

    • Photo: Clare Burrage

      Clare Burrage answered on 17 Mar 2012:

      We’re inside the Milky Way! But we’re quite far out towards the edges of the galaxy. It takes about thirty thousand years for light to travel from the center of the Milky Way to us here on Earth (and light travels at two hundred thousand miles per second).

    • Photo: Elizabeth Pearson

      Elizabeth Pearson answered on 18 Mar 2012:

      0. We’re inside the Milky Way, it’s the name of our galaxy. The band we see on the sky is just looking out through our galaxy.