• Question: You are of course a very unique species, though my question would be what advantages and disadvantages do you have to more common species of Gadus morhua, such as the common house fly?

    Asked by geegnome to Twisted-wing fly on 24 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Twisted-wing Fly

      Twisted-wing Fly answered on 24 Nov 2017:

      Advantage: I can control hosts that are not beneficial to humans such as rice planthoppers that spread viruses in rice plants. It might be taken that since the host dies after I emerge it is a disadvantage to the host but studying in detail with a genome sequence how I maintain a host after I parasitize it in spite of me eating most of its insides will be advantage to the study parasitic immune resistance in humans. I think this is what is one of my unique features. I am not sure what genes cause it but a study of my genome will reveal this absolutely important feature.