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      Fred Mosselmans answered on 17 Jul 2020:


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      Fiona Coomer answered on 17 Jul 2020:


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      Aisling Ryan answered on 17 Jul 2020:

      I loved this question – a tough one too!
      Mine is metastasis. It took lots of energy to be able to pronounce it properly when I first started my PhD!
      Metastasis (met-a-sta-sis) describes the spreading of a tumour in the body. My research involves designing and making medicines to block metastasis! (In other words to stop cancer from spreading! 🙂 )

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      Katherine Haxton answered on 17 Jul 2020:

      silsesquioxane [you say it sil-sez-kwi-ox-ane]

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      Julie Watts answered on 17 Jul 2020:

      scintillation, which is the flashing of light, and one of the instruments I work with uses the process of scintillation generate images.

      The word is also used in old novels and means a person or object who is high energy and sparkly, simply scintillating!