• Question: what do you like to eat?

    Asked by applebottomjeans to Eoin, Ester, Ildiko, Natasha, Paul, Tom on 2 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Natasha Myhill

      Natasha Myhill answered on 2 Nov 2017:

      I love all types of food – pizza is one of my favourites, but also curry, pie, chinese, Thai, mexican – you name it, I will probably like it.

    • Photo: Paul McKeegan

      Paul McKeegan answered on 2 Nov 2017:

      What a brilliant opener! I quite agree with Natasha’s list and would add steak and burgers. Macaroni cheese is also a staple in my household, thanks to a toddler who can be a fussy eater. The only thing I really don’t like is cucumber – although I am told it is almost tasteless. Not to me, I can’t stand it!

      My research is related to diet, and so I am well aware of the dangers of overdoing it on the fatty foods, so I do try to have a balance and eat my 5 a day too!

    • Photo: Ester Gil Vazquez

      Ester Gil Vazquez answered on 5 Nov 2017:

      I can’t really choose! there are two things that I love: chocolate and cheese. I also like pizza, pasta, sushi, and all types of dessert. But I can’t deal with spicy food.

    • Photo: Eoin McKinney

      Eoin McKinney answered on 6 Nov 2017:

      this answer will make me sound a bit weird but I have a thing for bananas. Like an overgrown minion I can eat more than 10 a day….