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Debbie | Marine biologist

Me and my work I work for a charity called the Marine Conservation Society. I spend a lot of time at meetings, giving presentations and preparing documents on why we should protect our seas. I travel all over Europe and work with lots of really interesting people, other conservationists and marine biologists, politicians, fishermen and members of the public.

Good if you like: Charity | Outdoors | Water | Environment | Animals | Communicating

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Kanta | AI stories researcher

My Work I study stories that help people understand very difficult science, such as quantum physics and artificial intelligence.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be in the same career? Don’t believe people who say that you’re either a science person or an arts person. You can be both.

Good if you like: English | Writing | Physics | CommunicatingGoing abroad

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 Photo:Abbie | Health psychologist

Best moment in my job When you connect with people about your research. So I would say a talk that I did for young people with chronic pain last year. The parents and young people really liked hearing about my research and I was able to talk to them about what type of research would be useful to them in the future.

Good if you like: Helping people | Writing | Psychology | Teaching | Health

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Photo:Dmitry | Roboticist

Me and my work I give people smart speakers (Amazon Echo), and companion robots (Jibo, Buddy, and Pepper) and see what they do with them. I transform that knowledge into design advice so that future developers can make better robots for all of us!

Good if you like: Design | Coding | Travel | Experiments | Robots

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