Prosthetics, Particles & Ultrasound: New people on Careers Zone this Easter! 🥚

Shruti | Prosthetics engineer

How I got into this job I did A levels at military sixth form college in preparation to become an Aerospace Engineer in the Royal Air Force, but unfortunately developed knee problems and had to leave the military.

I then chose to specialise in Biomedical Engineering, developed an interest for prosthetics and applied for my PhD:  Working with the military to make better fitting limbs for ex-soldiers who are amputees.

Good if you like: Helping people | Design & Technology | Human body | Biology | Health

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Hannah | Astronomer

My next step I’m approaching a fork in the road. Either I go on to continue in research, or do something else. Both paths will definitely involve using all the skills I’ve learned along the way

Good if you like: Space | Coding | Travel | Satellites | Writing

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 Gill | Ultrasound Programme Director

My work When I’m not teaching, I might be chasing a baby around its mum’s abdomen to try and get a good picture or scanning adults with pain, to see if I can find the cause.

Good if you like: Helping people | NHS | Human body | Teaching | Health

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Meirin | CERN Particle physicist

Best thing I’ve done in my career Presented my work to an international audience in South Korea

Good if you like: Computers / ITMathsDigital | Coding | CommunicatingGoing abroad | Experiments

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