Space, smartphones, stats: New people on Careers Zone this month!


K-Jo | Spacecraft engineering apprentice, Harwell

My Work I’m a 17 year old doing an amazing apprenticeship… I get to make and test a variety of space technologies that come from the idea of origami!

Good if you like: SpaceEngineeringElectronicsMathsPhysics

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Emma | Statistician in drug development, London

Why I got into this job I liked the fact I was using my maths skills to help make a difference to patients’ lives

Good if you like: Biology | MedicineMathsCuring cancer | HealthHelping people | NHSCodingCommunicating | Computers | Human body

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Kieran | Computer scientist, Dublin

My Work Helping you spend more time looking up at the stars instead of down at a smartphone screen!

Good if you like: Computers / ITMathsDesignCodingEngineering | Health OnlinePsychologyCommunicatingMediaHelping people

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