• Question: How useful is science? In maths, you need it for all jobs but what about science?

    Asked by anon-174187 to Alex, Tim, Yewande on 22 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Yewande Oyekenu

      Yewande Oyekenu answered on 22 Jun 2018:

      Science is useful in all jobs as well. For instance, if you are in a factory and need to operate machines, you should not work on the day you are on medication that makes you drowsy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs due to the negative effects like lack of awareness.
      With the aid of the weather forecast, we are able to decide whether to go out or stay indoors especially during winter. All this is possible with science.
      With science, your goal is to discover new things and prove that existing theories are true or false. To solve a problem you will need to conduct an experiment that should be scientific in order to agree or disagree with the hypothesis.

    • Photo: Alex Seeney

      Alex Seeney answered on 22 Jun 2018:

      That really depends on the science subject in question and what you’d like to do in the future.I would say that most sciences give you a good grounding in general principles, meaning that they will help you with a wide range of careers. You might use knowledge of chemistry as a lab technician, biology as a vet or a doctor, physics whilst designing smart phones…the uses are endless.

      If nothing else, science teaches you about understanding and interacting with the world around you. You find that you appreciate your environment much more.