Stephen Hawking (Courtesy NASA StarChild) [Image: Wikimedia]

Stephen Hawking (Courtesy NASA StarChild) [Image: Wikimedia]

According to the I’m a Scientist £50 Note Zone poll, the scientist students most want to see on the new £50 note is Stephen Hawking.

Championed by Lydia James and Ryan Cutter, Stephen Hawking won the most votes in our poll; students and members of the public believe he should be the scientist featured on the new £50 Note.

Get to know famous scientists in £50 Note Zone!

The Bank of England has announced that the new £50 note will feature a prominent (deceased) British scientist– Hooray! 🎉🎉🎉 What’s more, YOU, the public, get to nominate your favourite scientist.

But who is really worthy of a spot on the shiny red plastic? How much do we really know about notable scientists anyway? 🤔

£50 Note Zone helps you discover people from STEM history. It’s an online competition where living, breathing scientists and engineers champion their science heroes for your vote, answer your questions and try to convince you why they should be the face of the new note.

Meet 20 historical scientists who want your nomination!

👉 Log in with your I’m a Scientist username or your social media account to:

  • Challenge them with your questions in ASK & weekly live CHATs
  • VOTE for one to win £50 Note Zone
  • Then NOMINATE that scientist on the Bank of England survey

Go beyond big names and Nobels…

Through online conversation, the event turns iconic science figures into real people and brings to the fore important contributions of less well known scientists from our history. All profiles link to the official consultation so people can nominate the scientist who has convinced them.

This zone is not affiliated with the official Bank of England process, and the Zone winner may be different from who finally ends up on the note. But it is a valuable opportunity to help people, many of whom won’t have taken part otherwise, feel they can make their own thoughtful nominations, resulting in a more representative consultation.